The Studio

Andrew Clark Films is a collaborative effort between two creative filmmakers with a desire and passion to bring many different stories to life. As a studio, we specialize in all facets of pre-production, production, and post-production. We aim to develop ideas and concepts by taking them through the production pipeline and preparing them for all different forms of presentation.

We see ourselves as being different from many other companies within the field. We prefer to be recognized as filmmakers, rather than videographers.  We plan, listen to, and work closely with our clients to make sure we deliver the best possible product. By utilizing our experience, we constantly aim to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Our main areas of focus are developing creative marketing films for businesses, both large and small, along with cinematic weddings films for our clients’ who are headed to the alter.

John Marchetti


From the age of three, I have loved movies.  I can remember sitting for hours memorizing each and every detail of every movie that I could get my hands on.  Less than ten years later, I began to make my own short films.  Before I knew it, I was at the Savannah College of Art and Design studying film and working in the field that I truly love.  I enjoy the opportunity and the challenge of bringing a story to the screen.  That passion has consistently been the drive behind all of my work.   Since receiving my degree, I have continued to work at becoming a better filmmaker and honing my skills in all facets of production.

Nicholas Doss


One of my earliest memories is sitting in front of a television watching a movie.  It was The Wizard of Oz and I was three. I remember being drawn in by every scene. The interesting characters and the beautiful, vibrant colors of Oz were captivating. It made me smile. Flash forward eighteen years and I’m at school, on a film set, arranging scenes and watching actors run through lines of dialogue I had written. It still makes me smile. I take this passion for filmmaking very seriously and apply it in every project. I enjoy this process immensely and I look forward to bringing your project to life.

Wedding Films

We want you to experience your wedding day all over again.

Our style is defined by the desire to capture your wedding in a way that evokes emotion when you watch your wedding film.  If we evoke emotion it becomes more than product, it becomes an experience.  We accomplish this by going beyond what most videography companies might do by standing by and documenting your day.  Documenting your day isn’t enough for us.  Therefore, we prefer to be recognized as filmmakers.  We immerse ourselves in your wedding and go to great lengths to capture the details that make it unique.  We use our experience to enhance our shot design* and capture the most important moments of the day.  In doing this, we creating that experience we strive for.


We take great pride in making our weddings feel and look cinematic.


You should be drawn in and attached, not just someone watching from a distance.


We want you to feel like your back in the moment of your wedding day.

The Standard

It's more than standard.
Package Features
  • All day coverage by two professional filmmakers.
  • High definition video and audio recording.
  • We’ll provide you with a Blu-ray and DVD of your finished wedding film.
  • Custom menu and packaging for your Blu-ray and DVD.
  • A wedding teaser delivered two weeks after your wedding day.
  • A wedding trailer delivered 2 months after your wedding day.
  • A wedding film delivered 3 months after your wedding day.

The Whole Story

The story behind the day.
Package Features
  • All day coverage by two professional filmmakers.
  • High definition video and audio recording.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage.
  • ”The Story of Us” Short Film.
  • We’ll provide you with a Blu-ray and DVD of your finished wedding film.
  • Custom menu and packaging for your Blu-ray and DVD.
  • A wedding teaser delivered two weeks after your wedding day.
  • A wedding trailer delivered 2 months after your wedding day.
  • A wedding film delivered 3 months after your wedding day.

Andrew Clark Films was probably one of the last vendors we booked for our wedding and now looking back, I’m not sure why they weren’t one of the first… I was hesitant to make room in the budget for a videographer because we already had a great photographer, but my mom said that when I was a little girl, I watched her wedding video a hundred times in awe over my mom looking like a “princess” on her wedding day… She said I would treasure this film forever and boy, was she right! ACF allowed us to see our wedding day from start to finish, capturing every single detail of the day. I always swore that I would not be one of those brides that let the entire day fly by and that I would soak in every minute. But the truth is, you soak it in, but a lot of details get left out in the craziness of your wedding day. The film let’s you sit back and enjoy your wedding day the way the guests do! What I loved most about having them there was I could see movement, facial expressions, mannerisms, the mood of our wedding and reception, and things that our memory and photos just don’t capture and do justice, the way that films do. During the wedding day, we almost didn’t even know they were there. They were discrete and captured our day as it naturally occurred. I am more than thankful to have them there and encourage every bride to have ACF as a part of their big day. The only regret you will have, is that you didn’t book them sooner!

Lindsey Wright

Lindsey + Brett | Wedding Film

Using Andrew Clark Films was one of the best decisions we could have made for our wedding. They were super sweet, always professional, and gave us exactly what we wanted! Watching the video is like reliving that day all over again. Thank you guys for capturing our very special day! It was amazing! I highly recommend using their service, you will NOT regret it!

Brittney Peterson

Brittney + Perry | Wedding Film

What separates Andrew Clark Films from other wedding videography companies?
We really don’t consider ourselves a “videography” company.  We prefer to be recognized as filmmakers.  Most videography companies stand by and document your day.  But simply documenting your day isn’t enough for us.  We want to build something that gives you an opportunity to experience your wedding day again.  We believe that creating a cinematic piece that is tailored to you and in some cases your own personal style is thoroughly important.  In doing this, we create something more than a product, it becomes that experience we strive for.
Are you able to travel?
Yes.  We love to travel.  We are currently based in Columbus, Georgia; however, we can provide our services just about anywhere, just name a place and we will work with you to get there.
Do you offer same day edits?
At the moment, we do not.  We take great pride in our editing and we prefer to apply that skill over a period of time rather than try to rush your finished wedding film.
How many cameras do you use at a wedding?
No less than two.  We don’t think we can cover your day with one camera and provide the finished product we aim for.  On occasion, we may find it necessary to shoot with more than two.
How long have you been shooting wedding films?
We’ve been shooting weddings for over five years.
How long does it take to finish editing a wedding film?
  • After the wedding, we aim to have your film back to you within about four to five months after the wedding day.

Marketing Films

We want to work with you and your vision to create a piece that connects with your customers.

We want to get to know you and your business.

It’s not just about us creating a vision for your business. We want to know the vision you have for your business so that we can get you there.


Develop the vision.

After working with you on the vision, we’ll then begin creating a plan for your marketing film that best suites you and your business.

Produce and Deliver

Developing the plan is so critical but nothing beats completing a project made in a collaborative atmosphere.  Our technical skill both in production and in editing allows us to make your early goals come to life on the screen.

“I had the pleasure of working with Andrew Clark Films on a time-sensitive video project. I was impressed by their communication throughout the process. Not only did they respond quickly to my requests, but they kept me informed of their progress and communicated very realistic timelines throughout the project. We needed a quick turnaround, and they worked long hours to meet our deadline. They were extremely down to earth, which was a great help in making our interviewees feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend Andrew Clark Films.”


Christine Senn

Chief Operating Officer, SERRG

“I cannot say enough good things about Andrew Clark Films. Their professionalism and creativity helped to make our vision come to life. I especially appreciate their creativity taking our confusing vision that we could hardly explain and turning it into something that was clear and spot on. In ministry it is important to be able to present a picture of what you do for your donors and Andrew Clark Films helped us do that exactly. ” younglifelogo

Lauren Johnson

Director, YoungLife

What services can you provide a business?
We can provide a multitude of services for your business, no matter the size. We have experience in many different areas, including informational business videos for both internal and external use and media for presentations or meetings. If you have questions about what we can offer, feel free to contact us.
Can you combine pre-exisiting footage or media that we may have with footage that we would contract you to shoot?
Typically, yes. We have plenty of experience in working with a large variety of digital formats or media. We can combine our work with your companies pre-exisitng footage and often blend the two together by manipulating the footage in post-production. Sometimes we may need to see the footage to begin with in order to be fully confident in our ability to make the footage work.
Can you create a video to show at our presentation or meeting?
Yes, of course. We can help your business with any sort of video production work you may need. With that said, we do not take part in the live event production work. We only specialize in creating the content that may be presented.
Do you have set any set prices for business or commercial work?
We do not. We believe every production is different and most are representational of the business itself. Instead of offering set prices for a finished product, we look forward to meeting and developing an idea, at which point we can plan your production needs and develop a quote that will be more accurate and tailored to your needs.
What formats can you provide us with?
We can provide a range of digital formats, including high definition video files for presentation or for uploading to the web. We can also create DVDs and Blu-Rays of the finished product.

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